Centerpoint Construction provides, through our people and guided by our values, structural construction services with a focus on excellence, safety and customer service. We take pride in being the best.

Values - Our principles and standards of behavior

    • Passion - An intense desire or enthusiasm - We love what we do!


    • Safety – Protection from risk of harm or injury - Think safety first!


    • Integrity - State of being unified, unimpaired or sound in construction; Just do it right!


    • Professionalism – Character expected of each member of a highly trained and experienced team – Follow up, follow through!


    • Honesty - Fairly earned through hard work dedication - Quality of being committed to task or purpose – We do what we say we will do!


    • Can do attitude - Confidence in ourselves and one another, without fear of failure - Make it happen!


    • True North - In alignment with one's principles